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Festival on the Hill

Join Temple Sinai of Marblehead for its first Temple Sinai Summer Festival On The Hill on Sunday, June 12th from 12-5. This outdoor event will feature live music and art by local professionals and emerging artists, creative activities for children, lots of great food and an opportunity to meet and celebrate the season with the Temple Sinai community.

Current Events

Torah from Sinai

  • Friday, June 24, 2022 / 25 Sivan 5782

    Perspective can make or break the world.

    What is dismissed as small or unimportant, could in fact be crucial.
    Where some people see problems, others see not problems but challenges.
    Bigger might not always be better, nor is more sophisticated always the most efficacious.
    When some see crisis, others see opportunity.
    When some fearfully warn, others encourage hope…

    In this week’s Torah portion, Sh’lach Lecha, spies are sent to scout out the Promised Land. All the spies see the same things. Except for Joshua and Caleb, the spies give a bad report on the Land and express fear and doom if they try to enter it. Joshua and Caleb give a glowing report and express the hope that the Land is there for them to take and inhabit. The people hear the fear and take the warning. As a result, the entire generation of Israelites proves itself unworthy of going to the Promised Land. They wander the desert for another 38 years or so until they all die off in the wilderness. It will fall to a new generation to go up and conquer the Land on which to build the utopian society the Torah prescribes.

Service Times

Friday – 6pm

Saturday – 9:30am

Saturday – 9am & 7pm 

Monday – 7:30am & 7pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday* – 7:30am & 7pm

*Tuesday-Thursday minyans Held at Congregation Shirat Hayam, Swampscott


Temple Sinai Sisterhood’s mission is to provide the women of our congregation a collective voice and identity, friendship, spirituality and bonding, opportunities for enrichment and an outlet for creativity. Activities include: art workshops, donor events, Sisterhood Shabbat and more.


Our Brotherhood mission is to foster fellowship throughout the congregation and the greater
North Shore as well as to create programming to benefit our entire Temple Sinai community.