Learn to read Torah trope

Learn to read Torah trope

Torah Reading

A vibrant community is one in which lots of people participate actively in all aspects of the community, including services.  One way to contribute to our community and to deepen your Jewish life is to read Torah.
Whether you already know how to read Torah, haven’t done it since your bar/bat mitzvah and want to relearn, or have never read Torah before but want to learn, we’d love you to get involved and contribute to our service by reading Torah.

Have You Read Torah Before – Get in the Database!

If you have read Torah in the past, and you haven’t yet put the details into our new Torah reading database, please do!  Email with details about what parshah you read, etc, and then we can see if you’d like to read it again.  If you want to read and need a refresher CD, Cantor Aronson is happy to help.

Read Torah for the First Time!

We know that if this is a new (or old) undertaking it can be intimidating, but taking the dive and trying something new is how we grow, and there is no better place to try it than in our supportive caring community.  You will be cheered on!

Want to Give a Dvar Torah?

In honor of Shavuot, we have decided to also put out the invitation to members who would like to give a dvar Torah on a Shabbat.  Studying in preparation for a dvar is a wonderful way to learn Torah with an eye towards how the text speaks to your life, to share a bit of that with others, and to contribute to the spiritual life of the community.

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