Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The Temple Sinai Finance Committee prepares the annual budget, collaborating with the  synagogue administration and with our clergy. The budget  is presented to our Board of Directors for approval each year. As part of this process, we develop the annual financial schedule of commitment for our members. 

We oversee the accounting function and the financial records and accounts of the Temple to ensure that the appropriate records are maintained.  We also manage the Temple’s investments and ensure that the appropriate level of insurance is maintained. 

Throughout the year, we track our congregation’s income and operating expenses to monitor compliance with the approved budget, and report to the Board periodically. We also report on collections status, cash flow expectations, and any significant budget variations.

The Committee is responsible for the confidential review of financial adjustments for members who have special circumstances that preclude them from supporting the Temple at the usual level of support.

Committee Chair: Ben Locke