Bob Dylan: Our Defiant Prophet with David Wesson

Bob Dylan: Our Defiant Prophet is an educational and musical presentation featuring David Wesson and Tyler Burba.  It take place on Sunday morning, June 9th at Temple Sinai as follows:  Minyan at 9:00am, Breakfast at 9:30am and Program at 10:00am.  Temple Sinai members are admitted for free, Community cost is $10 including breakfast and/or program.  

As a great synthesist, Bob Dylan absorbed the wellspring of world history, art and western traditions.  Additionally, he spouts deep wisdom and a castigation of human morality – both of which stem from his human roots.  In this live music “edutainment” program, we will explore how Dylan performs the role of a prophet and truth teller in the Jewish tradition.  And we will find out how many ears we must have in order to hear his cry. 

Pray, eat, learn and listen at Temple Sinai on June 9th!  Please RSVP to